Our Community

Our Community


Nestled within the Coastal and Cascade mountain ranges, the cities of Abbotsford and Chilliwack have so much to offer. The south region of the Fraser Valley boasts a multitude of great outdoor activities for enthusiasts of all levels from hiking, biking, camping and fishing to river rafting and kayaking. With our circle farm tours, country markets, artisan festivals, art galleries, and cultural centres; our communities enjoy a vibrant arts and cultural scene. Prosperous agricultural, industrial and commercial business opportunities all contribute to the development of a greater quality of life for residents in our rural BC setting.

Community Futures South Fraser proudly supports the beautiful South Fraser region of the Fraser Valley from west of Hope to east of Langley.

Since 1997, Community Futures South Fraser has lent over $ 3,380,000 in loans to small businesses in our communities and has assisted in creating / maintaining 5687 jobs.

What is Community Economic Development?

Community Economic Development (CED) is a community-led process of local / regional revitalization. It is a perspective which places the community as the foremost player in its growth or renewal.

CED emphasizes that the people of a community should be directly involved in pursuing and managing their own economic development.

It is recognized that various regions and populations demonstrate different needs and opportunities. In order to achieve success, economic development should be charged with local community-led planning and implementation. CED is driven by a community-based approach.

What role does Community Futures South Fraser play in CED?

Community Futures South Fraser, through their strategic planning with the board and staff, and local community consultation, determine the role that they will play in CED in their communities each year. For example, they may decide to be the leaders, or the facilitators, coordinators, partners, etc.

CFSF has many "tools" to assist with CED in the South Fraser Region. These tools can include such areas as technical support, counselling, community convening, related research, and project development. For examples of projects that we either spearhead or support, see our Projects.

Why is CED needed?

Working together we can build a healthy, vibrant community for all residents to grow and prosper.

The principles of CED require that community members get together to address those issues affecting the quality of life in their community. Using those principles, CFSF assists in business creation, social enterprise development, community project building, and local animation of the people who call the South Fraser region home. This proactive involvement results in enhanced economic and social viability for the community, the region, and the province

Community Economic Development focuses on the economic, social, cultural, environmental and educational needs of a community as a whole. All aspects of life important to residents must be addressed if the community is to develop and still maintain its quality of life.

CED includes:

  • Diversification of the local economic environment;
  • Reduction of economic vulnerability.
  • Reduction of out migration of youth by stimulating job creation in the community.
  • Enhancement of the investment and entrepreneurial environment; and,
  • Building capacity within the community by developing people and organizations capable of managing change.

Community Futures South Fraser can also assist with: