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Nancy's Dog Grooming

Nancy’s Dog Grooming

“Growing up we always had pets, or things that followed us home,” she says. “I made sure my children grew up with dogs—and cats and birds! We’ve had a few different critters over the years. I’ve rescued injured animals found on the side of the road. One time I even rescued a seagull with a broken wing. I simply love all animals, big and small.”

After being laid off from her job at a dog-grooming salon, Nancy felt discouraged and fragile. She went to WorkBC and after working with her case manager she was referred to the Community Futures Self Employment Program. She decided to sign up, even though the notion of self-employment made her nervous.

Ultimately, the program supported her in realizing a life long dream. In the spring of 2014 she opened Nancy’s Dog Grooming. She renovated her garage into a luxurious spa for dogs, and once she opened up shop, “wonderful people and their beloved furry companions” started pounding down her door. Today, she is tremendously happy and fully booked. She says she will never look back.



Economic gardening

Kristin spent most of her twenties working for an international development charity that helped poor communities gain access to clean water. But when the Executive Director she had been assisting for 6 years had to step back to fight a battle with cancer, she found herself needing to rethink her professional options. Laid off from the organization, she met with a caseworker through WorkBC, who referred her to the Community Futures Self Employment Program.

She had already heard that the Self Employment Program was her best bet for succeeding in launching her own freelance writing career, so she joined up.

“Looking back now,” she says, “I would have 100% thrown in the towel and assumed self-employment wasn’t the right option for me if I’d tried to do it on my own. Which would have been a shame, because as it turns out, I’m exactly suited to this path.”

Putting the principles and strategies she learned through the program into action, she slowly built up a reputation as a copywriter and ghostwriter who could help executives and entrepreneurs to create and publish their own books. Now approaching the end of her second years in business, she has already written an Amazon best-selling book and is about to add two other books to her portfolio.

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